Voice Recognition for legacy versions of Asterisk

I’m in a situation where I have a Trixbox Pro running a modified version of asterisk (and unfortunately, must stick with Trixbox). I’ve been tasked with adding voice recognition to an already existing IVR.

While looking for voice solutions, we decided on LumenVox. We had a problem though where we had to use a legacy version due to the outdated version of Asterisk running on this box. We were able to install it, modify the IVR, and get it to work; but the quality of the recognition was too low. We found ourselves in an interesting situation where the only version of lumenvox we could use (version 9) in conjunction with the digium connector bridge was unsupported, and as such we could not get any meaningful help for tuning our voice recognition issues.

That all being said, we are wondering if anyone has had any success with voice recognition products on legacy versions? We need one that will work well on 1.6.0 (even better if it is known to work in a trixbox pro environment).

Alternatively, we have heard that one could use a later version of LumenVox using the uniMRCP bridge, but were given little guidance as to how to incorporate that.

Any success stories out there of getting voice recognition to work on an environment such as this? Looking for any and all suggestions.

UniMRCP just issued a new version (together with integration with Asterisk connector), so it’s worth a try if you are still using an older version.

There was a time when I tried to do a similar thing with UniMRCP and CMU Sphinx, but I had little luck with getting it to work. I didn’t try the new UniMRCP versions.