Day/Night Control

We have a client that has FreePBX and uses the Lumenvox voice recognition. Currently for the day mode they are setup to use Custom Destination - Voice IVR. For night time we want to record a new night greeting/ivr that will still use the Lumenvox voice recognition.
Here’s where we are running into an issue. First, when I had the end user record a new message while I was in sytem recordings, then tried to save it, it is dead air that we hear. Second, even when trying to use one that they already recorded, it’s not listed as a custom destination, just as IVR “Night-IVR”, which then does not allow the voice recognition to work.
So I guess we have a few issues we are stuck with. First, when a user does record a message using *77, where does that go? And second, how do we make that a custom destination that uses Voice-Night-IVR?

So I found the recording. It was called something like unnamed. with no extension. I’m not sure why or how that happened, but after adding the .wav and renaming it, it’s working. However, I still can’t figure out why I’m unable to use it with Lumenvox Voice Recognition.