Voicemail email will not be sent on longer (larger) message

hello all, I’ve got an interesting problem that I cannot solve. Running asterisk with sendmail. Things have been running smooth for quite some time (6+ months) and now all of a sudden we’ve got this issue where if the voicemail is longer than about 1 minute, the email won’t get sent. I’ve checked the asterisk logs, sendmail logs and my email server logs and it seems like it gets stuck in sendmail in the clientmqueue.

Any thoughts or ideas? As it seems more sendmail related, I’ve been googling for the past couple days and have yet to find something that could be causing this. There is no max message length defined in asterisk or in sendmail which means max length should be infinite.

Anyway, I’m also going to find a sendmail forum to post in but if anyone has any ideas, please get back to me.