Voice dealy, tdm400p + asterisk, Aastra 6730I phone

I’ve installed Asterisk from source with a Digium TDM400P card with 4 FXOs.

It can send and receive calls. However, there’s a delay for out going calls.

There’s about 2 second delay / silence to hear the voice from the receiving end when people pick up the call. After that, there’s no delay for the voice. There’s no problems for incoming calls.

Can some one point out what should I do to correct this problem?


I’ve been playing with the Aastra 6730i’s recently and noticed that with the older firmware they shipped with I would sometimes lose the very beginning part-second of audio in a call. It sounds like you’re having this problem worse than I did but you could try upgrading the firmware on your 6730i to see if it helps.

I’m now using version The phones were shipped with 2.3.something.

It is also possible that your TDM400P is training its echo cancellation module during this time, perhaps try changing those settings? I don’t have the echo cancellation module on my card and find it works admirably with my BT line.