Silent delay between answering incoming PSTN

I’ve been running an Asterisk 1.2 box for about 2 years now and due to a problem we’re experiencing where random calls receive a fax tone from the Digium cards, I thought I’d upgrade to 1.6 hoping to fix that problem.

After upgrading to 1.6, we experienced a problem where calls coming in on the PSTN lines would receive dead silence for about 2 seconds, whereby both ends can not hear anything.

The result is that when our staff answer the phone “, speaking” the caller wouldn’t hear the greeting.

I found a bug report that mentioned this problem with 1.6 and it being related to the packet2packet bridging. The user commented that he rolled back to 1.4 and no longer had this problem, so I rolled back to 1.4

The problem is no where near as severe, but it still exists.

My setup is

  • Pentium 4 3.0Ghz with HyperThreading
  • 2 GB ram
  • Digium TDM400P Rev I with 3x FXO and 1x FXS module
  • Snom 320 phones

Currently running asterisk-1.4.7 with libpri-1.4.7 and dahdi-linux-