Voice / data mixed T1 possible?

Hello everyone,

I have done a search and came up null, so maybe someone here will be able to at least point me in the right direction.

I can get a T1 for a great price the will be both voice and data (5 voice channels / 786/384 data). The Sangoma A101 says that it can operate in voice/data combo mode under asterisk server. I am just woundering if anyone has done that.

Also one of the five voice channels will be for fax. My question is if I come digital into the asterisk sever via the Sangoma A101 can I use a FXO card outbound for the analog connection to a FAX?

yes on all counts.

sangoma’s wanpipe driver will make the data segment appear as a network interface. You can then route it / bridge it / whatever.

You can use an FXO card (ie sangoma A200) or an ATA for the faxing. I’d go with a card personally (no SIP layer to add latency or jitter) but either one should work.