T-1 activated today

Hello all,

As I have stated before I am in the process of getting a T1. Well today the telco installed and activated it in the closet. For now I am getting 5 Pots (4 for voice, 1 for FAX) and a 768/768 DSL comming out the Adtran box (I should have gotten the model number). The four voice lines will go into the current comdial phone system and the 1 fax will be for a dedicated fax machine. What has me posting here is the fact that I hope to move to * some time early next year. Feb / Mar time frame.

My question is about the hardware for going pure digital. I hope to bring the T1 straight into the * server. I believe I will need a T1 card plus a single FXO card for the FAX line. Other then that I should be able to do VOIP with the network.

I would like to hear from anyone who has or has setup something similar to where I hope to end up. Reference material or sources would be most helpful also as being a small business I will want to keep cost down as much as possible and as much in house control as possible.

Thanks in advance.