Beginning of VM prompt is cut off

I have a small, but annoying issue with the VM system on my * box. When dialing in to the voicemail to check messages, etc the very beginning of the prompt is cut off. For example, when dialing the exten 436, which takes me to VoiceMailMain(), I hear “median mail” instead of “comedian mail.”

I also have another extension which puts me into VM to check messages, and this extension forwards the users extension on to VM so they don’t have to put in their extension, only their password. This works OK, but the prompt they hear is “sword” instead of “password.”

I tried putting a wait(2) in before the VoiceMailMain() command, but all that did was wait 2 and it still cut off the beginning of the prompt.

Any ideas?

Try using


instead of wait(). I don’t know why, but you will find yourself using this all over the place. Seems it would be easier if the system did it for you instead of cluttering up your dialplan with “silence” commands, but oh well, it works for me.

Thanks, that worked perfectly.

I had to grab the silence dir from asterisk-sounds, as I had not installed the addon pack.