Vm fails to get to e-mail, though saved on server

Sbj: Vm fails to get to e-mail, though saved on server;


I set up calls to come in zap/g1 and go out zap/g2.  These are 2 fxo and 2 fxs modules respectively in a tdm400p card from Digium.  Aug.2005 cvs version Asterisk is running.  

I added voice mail for busy or not-answered condition of calls coming in from either of the regular phone lines.  This employed usage of macro-stdexten(arg1,arg2) on extension s  in a context of extensions.conf and specified a mailbox in that context with a 4 digit number in a context within voicemail.conf . 

Calls out to pstn work normally.  Calls sent in a pstn line rings an available phone on an fxs port which can be answered.  If not answered, the Unavailable message plays and vm can be left now.  

I can find voice mail logged in a /var/spool subdirectory on the server and msg0009.WAV kinds of audio files stored there.  But the expected sending of e-mail with audio attachment does not occur.  This is despite verifiable working e-mail mailbox destination, with or without smtp service started, line for sendmail -t citation commented out or active in voicemail.conf .

How can this lack of e-mail output be remedied?

	Thank you.
	- - Octimotor - - 4/17/2006