Voicemail to email on asterisk appliance

Just taking a poll. Has anyone gotten it working?

Sure that the voicemail to email feature works without any errors in Asterisk
Your sincerely!
Duc Viet To Ho

And this is on the new AA50 appliance?

It works with any recent versions of Asterisk, both 1.2 and 1.4. I havent used AA yet so i’m not sure but i think that it can works without any problems.
Your sincerely
Duc Viet To Ho

Just an FYI to everyone. Digium tech support says it is a known bug that voicemail to e-mail doesn’t work. Unfortunately I just installed the software update for the appliance that was release on the first or second of October and VM to e-mail still looks to be broken.

All I know is that I’m going to have a very hard time selling this appliance with no time based dialplan branching or voicemail to e-mail.

Voicemail to email doesnt work for me either. Im using Asterisk SVN-branch-1.4-r84135M.

First i thought the problem was related to this …
… but that didnt fix the issue.


I havent had a problem with vm to email on the appliance. The customer that has this appliance is a huge complainer and wouldnt hesitate to raise hell if his voicemail to email didnt work. Are you sure you are setting your SMTP server correctly in the gui? The appliance doesnt have sendmail so you need to set the SMTP server that lets you relay.

Im running Centos 4.3.

The /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf file is pointing to
mailcmd=/usr/sbin/sendmail -t

…but nothing is sent to sendmail… nothing happens in logfile of sendmail

in centos you can actually just comment out the mailcmd line and allow the defaults to work. I am assuming that sendmail is running in daemon mode already. just curious, is there a reason you havent upgraded to 4.5?

Havnt felt the need to upgrade. I just keep it up to date with security fixes. The server is handling the telephony for my company. Dont wanna take it down for upgrading if not needed.

Why fix something that aint broke :stuck_out_tongue:

if you are doing updates then you should be running 4.5.
what does ‘cat /etc/issue’ tell you?

Yes the -34 series of kernels had several bugs in them including a nasty network bug and a spinlock driver bug that made compiling zaptel a bugger. most of those headaches went away at 4.4 when the new series of kernels came in.

[root@myserver~]# cat /etc/issue
CentOS release 4.2 (Final)
Kernel \r on an \m

Guess my initial distro installed is as old as 4.2 :stuck_out_tongue:.
But the kernel is updated!

[root@myserver ~]# uname -r

when you do updates do you just do a

‘yum update’ ?

for whatever reason your centos-release rpm file isnt updating :smile:

in any event sendmail should work fine on centos, are you still having the problem? I assume attach=yes is definitely specified in your voicemail.conf file?

ok I finally got the go-ahead to share the fix on the forum. There is a bug, but its a very easily solved bug. on around line 84 of voicemail.conf there is a setting called mailcmd. the problem is that the option is missing on ssmtp. it needs to be changed to

mailcmd = /bin/ssmtp -t

that allows ssmtp to parse the data given to it to get headers.

another change you will want to make is change

format = ulaw


format = wav49

otherwise your mail attachment will be a ulaw encoded file that isnt playable without additional codecs or plugins.

Why cant i just use “sendmail -t” ? Havnt got ssmtp installed on my centos box.

ssmtp is the only application on the Appliance, the topic in question.

U must touch a file named "voicemail.conf"
First u must create IMAP mail server and create a user named "blond_222"
by next step:
in a file “voicemail.conf”
*** format: extension_num=>password,username,emailaddress,pageeraddress,options :unamused:

see also:
If u run this example U can read a mail from www.hotmail.msn.com

look these:

You said

“the customer that has this appliance is a huge complainer and wouldnt hesitate to raise hell if his voicemail to email didnt work.”

I’d think that if I pay I’m going to pay in excess of $1900 for something all of it’s installed features should work.

When I find a work around for something I post it. I don’t think asking if someone else is having a problem with a feature and soliciting advice would qualify as complaining.

As far as SMTP issues, yes I’m very experienced with a wide variety of e-mail platforms, but Digium tech support acknowledged it was a bug plain and simple.

If what I have written before makes me a “huge complainer” then I guess this would be an out of control rant.

Is english your second language? If so then OK, I get why your reading skills are poor. If English is your first language then perhaps you need more time studying it. No one is calling you a huge complainer. Learn to read carefully what is written before you unload on someone. MY CUSTOMER. that was the first recipient of this appliance, is a HUGE complainer. HE would not hesitate to complain IF the VM to email was broken. Hell, he wouldn’t hesitate to complain when he accidentally deletes his own VM, and has. again MY CUSTOMER, not YOU. Jeez do you always assume you are the center of the universe or did I catch you on a bad day?

OOPS! 100% my mistake, poor reading skills all the way. You didn’t use the word “MY”, and you hadn’t mentioned anyone else earlier in the thread. Since I had previously posted several questions about bugs with the AA50 I mistakenly thought you were referring to me. No excuses though, I should have read more closely. Damn that Stanford-Benet IQ test leading me to believe I’m a genius. Talk about unloading on someone. Who’s having the bad day? Oh well, why should I care about how anyone else is doing when I’m the center of the universe. :wink: