Asterisk as IVR Server

Hi Friends,

This might be a previously asked question. but i couldn’t find a answer from the site or via google.

I wanted to configure asterisk and needed to be use it as a IVR server. Is possible with asterisk ? any body have success with such a requirement? please reply me with the possibilities ?

Thank you.

That`s exactly what I am looking for! Therefore I am a completly newbie with Asterisk… Is FreePBX a script/software?

I really need to interact with the database. The goal is be able to create rules depending on some situations that can be changed, ie: by morning the IVR should work in a way, by afternoon the voice prompt will change (this can be done by a user or a software controller) and the same way by night or on weekends. As I mean, I need that IVR can be software controlled. If possible, how to?

Thats what I expected! As a newbie with Asterisk I would like a straight path do that. I have a computer with AsteriskNOW installed… sorry but the documentation is very large and is taking a lot of time :frowning: that not a laziness issue, its a time issue…