Asterisk as an IVR that reads/posts to current mySQL DB

Can Asterisk simply act as just an IVR that automatically answers the line and prompts a user to fill in information into an existing mySQL db?

I have a database where I’d like users who don’t have computers to populate info in the db. Basically, a person who call into the Asterisk IVR, be presented with an option to login with a code that is already in a mySQL db. Once they do that succesfully, they can then enter a small piece of information that would then just be deposited into the SQL database.

Can this be done relatively easily? Also, I am starting this from scratch so is there a prefered method of setting up Asterisk? I.e. using CentOS and then install Asterisk or using one of the bundled distros that seems to have asterisk already integrated. I’ve never done any work with IVRs and my knowledge of phone systems is limited to the Avaya system we have in our office.

Thanks in advance!!

This can be done for sure, I would use Asterisk on CentOS or your preferred linux distro (I currently use Asterisk on opensuse).
A good start is read this book: (read carefully, you don’t have to buy, if you can find it online).