Virtualization for 64bit Server plus PCIE analog card


  1. Have 64bit Server
  2. PCIe analog card (1) FXS and (1) FXO modules
  3. Virtual environment

Test bedding PCIe analog card. Building IP PBX using Asterisk. Asterisk installation will sit on top of VMware.

Will the VMware installation recognized the telephony card?


You need to ask the VMWare people, but my guess would be no. In any case, running VoIP on virtual machines is not a good idea, especially if you are not totally familiar with the capabilities of the VM system.

VoIP needs accurate short term time keeping and scheduling latencies of under 20ms to work well. Unless carefully tuned, VM systems won’t meet those requirements.

Thanks for the reply. If I am reading this correctly creating a virtual IP PBX for both Digital / Analog is not going to work? Second, we are not just considering VMWare although it is one of the virtual software packages on the list to try.