Asterix PBX over analogue only


Is it conceivable to use Asterix software to act as a PBX only and using exisitng incoming and outgoing via analogue / landline

Where I am based VOIP isn’t cost effective / practical due to cost of line rental / cost of calls / length of phone numbers

I am looking for an alternative where I can use PBX software (Windows Based) but have all calls incoming and outgoing via exisiting analogue lines

We have 3 incoming lines

Yes, you can use Asterisk with vmware player and use a fxo gateway to get your analog lines to asterisk.

Many thanks for your reply. What is the purpose of vmware player in this setup?

What do you mean by just a PBX? Asterisk was originally designed for analogue and circuit switched digital connections, so it perfectly capable of working in an non-VoIP environment. However, when used with all VoIP, it is still a PBX.

I need something to handle calls like a physical PBX would but without having the traditional hardware PBX.

I am envisaging Analogue Incoming Line - FXO Gateway - Asterisk Software - FXO Gateway - Phones?

You can do that using any VoIP PABX, although Asterisk was initially designed for use of direct PCI based line cards.

Asterisk is not a Windows compatible software. So you need vmware player to install inside a vm a linux distribution and then install Asterisk. Because you will be using asterisk through a vm you need an ethernet device that will connect to your pstn lines and that is a pstn gateway.