Virtual extension per user basis

Dear All,
I am running Asterisk 1.8.
How to create a virtual extension that connected to 1 physical extension, the virtual extension is activated by entering PIN, once it activated then it would be like a normal extension… I need advise.

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Asterisk only uses “extension” to refer to what you call virtual extensions.

The AgentCalbackLogin application used to provide that capability, but is now deprecated. At least at the time of that deprecation, sample code was included with Asterisk to show how to get a similar effect with more basic operations.

You might want to check whether what you are actually tying to do can be achieved with AgentLogin.

do you meant agent login to queue?

Although app_queue knows a lot about agents, chan_agent doesn’t require the use of a queue.

the 1st parameter of AgentLogin is AgentNo
what does it meant? is it extension no? or what?
please advise

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It’s an address, just the same as the 2000 in SIP/2000 is an address. It is the address you use to access the agent in the Dial application, e.g. for agent 001, you use:

exten => 1234,1,Dial(Agent/001)

just as you would use:

exten => 1234,1,Dial(SIP/567890abcd12)

Note that making the SIP address the same as the extension that accesses it is bad practice because:

  • it makes it easy for an attacker to guess good user names when they try to register;

  • it makes you think that there is a one to one relationship between Asterisk extensions and SIP devices, when there is no such restriction.

The channel technology configuration file is agents.conf. As with the other such files, the sample version contains the documentation.