Relation between agent.conf and sip.conf?

Hello ,

i know that in the file of sip.conf we define the sip account conf of all users under asterisk but i dont understand what we configurate in the file agent.conf and is there a relation between agent.conf and sip.conf / extensions.conf ???

Agents allow someone to all in and then accept all the calls addressed to the agent, Originally there were two modes, one in which the system called out to the actual user every time the agent received a call, and one in which the user stayed connected as the agent, but could be presented with multiple calls. Only the latter is now officially supported.

Typically you use agents with the Queue application, in call centres, but there is nothing to stop you doing Dial(Agent/007) in extension.conf.

The agent will initially login to the agent by executing AgentLogin(007), in from extensions.conf.

Agents can use any channel technology. We’ve use agents that are local channels.

Queue members don’t have to be Agent channels.

Thank you for your answer now i understand , but i still have a little problem :

The method AgentCallbackLogin was deprecated from the asterisk manager interface (asterisk-java)
and i want to manage connection of agent in order to be ready to receive calls from queues or not without using the handset to login ( using agentLogin (agent) in extensions.conf ) .

Have you an idea about this please ???


There is, or was, guidance on using local channels for this included with the Asterisk source code.