ViciDial Ground Installation

Hi @all,
I´ve got a real problem.

I need to set up a new ViciDial System that has to run on Monday.
My Problem is, that I don´t know how to configure it. The installation of ViciBox Server with Asterisk, OpenSSH and Apache2 is completely done, but I don´t know the Linux commands to configure it with an SIP Account nor how to edit the sip.conf or the extensions.conf.

I´m completely new to Linux Command Line, so I don´t know how to get forward.
If anybody can help, please, do that.
I´m looking for a kind of “Walk Through” including the Commands for Linux and examples of the Code that has to be configured.

Please help me.


I would suggest you contact ViciDial for help.

I did, but there was no reaction.
I´ve found a book that helps me to configure Asterisk (OReilly´s Linux Networking Cookbook), but I don´t know if thats enough. I´ll try it on Monday.

If it isn´t enough, I hope I can get help here or somewhere.


Thank you for your help (or your wanted help), but I´ve got the answers I needed from another Contact.