Verizon IP Trunking

Dear all,

is there anyone that is using Verizion IP Trunking?


If you want this question to be answered, you’d better specify what your problem with Verizon is: are you asking for specific settings, or you’ve entered the configuration but it does not work etc.


my company has bought the service and now i have to configure Asterisk.
I asked Verizon some documentation but they don’t have nothing related with Asterisk.

I don’t know what sip configurations they need (parameters, options,…).
For me it would be useful an example file by someone that is using Verizon IP Trunking.



Yes, it would be nice if someone could provide you with that information.

However I do think that Verizon should provide you with that information as they require certification testing, " Verizon Business requires successful completion of certification testing of an IP PBX platform since there could be variations in vendor implementation and possible effects on quality and performance"

With “that information” I mean uid password, gateway, allowed codecs, etc…Then its up to you to configure the sip trunk.

Keep the forum informed, cause you maybe the first, but certainly wont be the last that needs to configure a Verizon sip trunk.

I have Verizon SIP enterprise trunking I use a Cisco Cube infront of the asterisk servers however so my experience is different that a pure asterisk connection.

Basically to connect to VZ you need to have a certified end and Cisco was certified at the time I implemented. The cubes are nothing but peers to vz and asterisk. I also have Level 3 sip into the same cubes as well.

Verizon will only support G729 and G711 ulaw. When over mpls you have no user / passwords, just sip peers.

Verizon no longer requires successful completion of certification testing of the IP PBX platform.
In January they have closed the Interoperatibily platform.

I’ll keep you updated.