Asterisk with voip gateway

i am a newbie and i need a tutorial of how to configure my asterisk with my asm200 voip gateway.
(both static IPs and on same lan)

thanks in advance

@jcolp @johnkiniston @david551
i would appreciate some help

Please do not tag people. If anyone has anything of value to add and they wish to, then they’ll reply. You’ve also waited only an hour.

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just trying to get some help and i found no clear explanation on asterisk website of how to do it.

best regards

Watch these tutorials

which video explains how to connect my asterisk to my sip/pstn gateway ?
since i already watched till video 37.
thanks in advance

start watching from 41-47

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Are you asking to engage me professionally for consulting?

no my friend and m sorry if it looked that way.
since this is a project for my university as a student which i have to do on my own.
but i am stuck with no tutorials about asterisk (pjsip) with gateways (sip/pstn) so i just want someone who could guide me.
thanks in advance
best regards

For the gateway configuration you should look for documentation from gateway manufacturer. On Asterisk side, it is all about configuring a SIP trunk. You’ll find a lot of tutorials on Internet about how to configure chan_sip/chan_pjsip trunks.
However before you undergo this project, I suggest you to learn about SIP and Asterisk first.

The WIKI is full of documentation.

The PJSIP Wizard may be a good starting point.

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does it differ from trying to configure the trunk from pjsip.conf ?
since for now i was able to make the call and the analog phone rings but whenever i hold the handset(answer) the call ends aoutomatically.
do you think i have to configure my trunk and the extension to it from pjsip_wizard ? or it could be done with both ways

It could be done either way and should work

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thanks i really appreciate it and i was able to open this trunk between the asterisk and the gateway!
but when i am answering the call from the analog phone it ends immediately !
may i tag you in that post ? so you could check it ?

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