Connect via SIP Trunk

I need to configure SIP trunk, the operator sent the following parameters:

IP and Gateway Mask
IP and PABX Mask
Domain IP
Balanced IP

I don’t know where to put them.

I don’t think we do, either, on that information.

My guess is that they are using a private network, but even then there are two many parameters to fit.

Most service providers offering a service for PABX users will be able to give you a sample Asterisk configuration, although it is likely to be for chan_sip, and use deprecated parameter names and values.

I have no idea what Balanced IP means and I suspect IP RTP is only relevant in that you will need to have your firewall permit UDP to it.

Hello David, yes, it is a private network.

This is the only option I see you can configure directly on the Asterisk configuration files, then all the other configuration are network configuration, OS network configuration and Firewall configuration