VCS System with Asterix?


I’m new to Asterix. I will be grateful if you help me. We are planning to develop a real time Voice Communication System for an Air Traffic Controller Simulator and we are looking for a skillful Voip api or library. We will have different positions and all the positions will have a touchscreen VCS monitor. A position can call other positions that are listed on the touchscreen and also a position can make push to talk radio communication by the help of the VCS system. Headsets and a handset will be used in positions. Is Asterix suitable for this purpose? I read a bit about the documentation and I understand that Asterix is used for telephony applications. Does it use only an ip telephone or can we get inputs from headsets, microphone, etc? Can I use Asterix for a VCS system like this?

Also I read a bit about the Asterix SCF project. I think SCF project is more suitable for my application but unfortunately it is in early development stage.

Thank you


Can you please brief your project details what you want to do ? So I can guide you how you can integrate the asterisk with your system.


Hi Ketan,

Thank you for your response. In this project, we have different positions all of them are connected via local network. All the positions have a touchscreen Vcs monitor. Two types of communications are possible in the system. Radio communication and phone communication.

Phone communication: Other positions are listed in the Vcs panel. A person can call one position by touching the address button of that position. This is like typical phone connection. Holding, forwarding, picking up, conference, etc. should be possible.
Radio communication: A list of radio frequencies are listed on the Vcs panel. These frequencies are symbolic numbers. They are assigned to push buttons. When a position push a frequency button, he can speak to all the positions those have that same frequency.
Both communications can be done with a headset(microphone, headphone) or handset. Recording and replay should be possible.

How can I integrate Asteriks to a system like this? Is Asteriks enough for this system or should I use an extra library?



Asterisk is for the telephony communication you have do the integration phone communication with your device. I don’t know how you device is and how it is communicate with Asterisk. Can you give you device details how your device provide the phone communication so I can suggest you the best way to integrate your device with asterisk. What is the VCS ?



I don’t have any device. Only headphones, handphones and computers. VCS is the voice communication system and name of the whole system. You can look at the links to learn a bit more about the VCS system. … AR-VCS.asp … ic-Control

Is asterisk only for telephony communication? Can’t I connect two computers and speak with each other by the help of the headphones with asterisk?



You can connect phones and computers easy with Asterisk, but for radio communication i think you’ll have to use some other technology. Unless some AGI scripts can implement radio frequency too.

The first link is of the type intended to get you to get the supplier’s salesman in to specify the complete system.

The impression I get from the second one is that the touch screen devices are just IP phone from an architectural point of view, so I imagine any SIP or H.323 PABX would work.

Didn’t look at the third one.

It is not, however, reasonable to assume that people here have any idea what an air traffic control VCS is.

VCS iteself telephony device and you have to integrate that device asterisk that is possible through SIP trunk. If the VCS provide the VOIP then you can connect that device with asterisk.


Yes, you are right, it was a mistake to assume that people have any idea about VCS, I’m sorry.

Thank you for your replies. I understand that I should use asterisk as a Sip server and I should develop my touch screen program with a Sip library, like an ip phone. Am I right?