VCS System with Asterix? Help


I’m new to Asterix. I will be grateful if you help me. We are planning to develop a real time Voice Communication System for an Air Traffic Controller Simulator and we are looking for a skillful Voip api or library. We will have different positions and all the positions will have a touchscreen VCS monitor. A position can call other positions that are listed on the touchscreen and also a position can make push to talk radio communication by the help of the VCS system. Headsets and a handset will be used in positions. Is Asterix suitable for this purpose? I read a bit about the documentation and I understand that Asterix is used for telephony applications. Does it use only an ip telephone or can we get inputs from headsets, microphone, etc? Can I use Asterix for a VCS system like this?

Also I read a bit about the Asterix SCF project. I think SCF project is more suitable for my application but unfortunately it is in early development stage.