Media Arts project using Asterix

Hi Guys,
New to Asterix - I’m currently looking to build a system for a very specific project that uses a product like asterix. To do that I need to know if Asterix can do certain things.
Below is a list of the functions I need this product to perform.
If possible - could anyone let me know (vaguely) whether or not you think Asterix will have the power (with some modding) to be able to do this?
I can explain the project too if you’re interested.

1: Make a call out to 10 simultaneous numbers and put them all on a conference call where they can HEAR recorded messages (from the Asterix system) but cannot speak (muted)
2: It must be able to automatically call them back and return them to the conference call if they drop out
3: After the conference is completed it must be able to move to a number operated system (like a traditional call centre) “Eg Press 1. for this menu item” etc. - So all phones now have the option to move independently based on this
4: It would be DESIRABLE if the system could be directly controlled from the Asterix server - eg. Phone number 3 now hears “Message a” - Phone number 4 now hears “Message b” etc.
5. It must then be able to return to the conference call - preferably at a time/point decided by an operator using the Asterix system.

Thanks in advance guys!

Sounds interesting… what is that for?

I believe it should be possible to do it all in Asterisk. I wonder if you actually need a conf call if you just need to play media to the callers - is it important that all callers hear the same media at the same time?

Points 3 and 4 sound like a normal IVR, but I am unsure about point 5.

Hey thanks for the reply.
It’s for a game style performance. I’ll be creating sycronised instructions for audience members who do the performance for me. However the performance also needs to have interactive parts where the people with their phones are given choices and need to do certain things.
Also at some points in the event audience members sitting down need to take control of the action by being able to press buttons on the floor which effect what the staged audience members hear.

The conference call is not ESSENTIAL - however it IS essential that they hear things at the same time. Would it perhaps be possible to manually trigger audio on all calls at (about) the same time?
Eg. Once I press “GO” ont he server, all current calls go to a certain pre-recorded track?

Also - do you know the best way to sync up Asterix to some form of VOIP server so that I can make 10 calls to mobiles at the same time?

If they all need to listen to the same thing at the same moment, then a conf call is fine. In order to dial out the 10 calls (via voip or whatever) you could create a small script, or simply have a person calling the numbers and transferring them to the conference.
It takes a bit of Asterisk knowledge to set up your dialplan - nothing fancy, but if you have no previous Asterisk experience it may take a while of trial and error.