Using pc ethernet as client and router for line connection

Good day.

I’m evaluating the use of Asterisk and I’m a newbie Voip user.
I have some Windows PC client connected via ethernet to a Linux server on which I would want to install Asterisk. The server is connected to a router for the access to the Voip service.
I should want to know if I can use Asterisk in this way for send and receiving calls using the PC client as phones and the router as line interface.
I must to use a PC card like the Zaptel?

Best regards.

Stefano Errani

You can do this, yes.

You mention a connection to a VOIP service. If you’ve got an account with a VOIP service provider, you can make and receive phone calls through that.

If you want to use a landline you will need what’s known as an FXO card - which the outside line connects to.