Using landline calls to call an extension directly

Hello All,

Not sure if this question has been asked before, but does anyone know how to make a call from a landline using extension number to contact a sip phone?

e.g. 9807 6543… etc… With extension number 01 (sip phone)

hope this makes sense.

There isn’t really a difference between all kind of channels. I assume you have your land line/trunk connected and configured to your Asterisk box. With configuring the landline you have set a default context for this landline/trunk. In this context you can add an extension that, if 98076543 calls, will start the second leg of the call to sip phone 01. It should look something like this.

[example-context] ; there should be a line looking something like context=example-context. You can pick any name.

exten => 98076543,1, Answer()
exten => 98076543,n, Dial(SIP/01,20) ; see
exten => 98076543,n, HangUp()

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

What if I wish to call via a land line to call a specific extension that the caller chooses, a lot like when some one calls a company and the announcement says “if you know the extension dial it now” or just adding the extension you want without being prompted.

So that if I call a number and add an extension to the end of it, it will call that particular sip phone.

For #1 you need to purchase a single DID and configure an IVR
For #2 you need to purchase a block of DIDs and route them to appropriate extensions in your server


Thank You for you reply, I shall look into it, thanks.