[HELP] Route calls by extension?

I have two trunks that service my Asterisk box. One for Business and one for Personal. Both lines are available to all phones. On most phones I can add a prefix for it to add when it dials out. Then I would use a dial plan to send the call out on the appropriate trunk. However I have a slew of Polycom 600/601 phones and they do not have that ability. Is there a way for me to do a dial plan by extension SIP/xxxx?

Thanks for any help.

Yes, you would simply have a context for each phone that would be associated to its entry in sip.conf. Also, you could look at using Macros for certain applications also.

Thanks for sending me in the right direction. I am some what new to this and I am using the @home version. I figured out how to poke around and add things to the sip and extension configuration files. Can you give me a brief example of an extension with a context and an outbound route with associated context. I think with that I could figure it out and make it work in my situation. Sorry to be a bother.