Dialout to trunk

Hey guys, i just got an sip trunk, and i figured out how to register and make an extension that dials that trunk, but i don’t know how to pass a number to it.

What i would like to do is have it so that when a user dials “9”, they can then enter the number to call, and it will pass through the trunk.

Also, i have it so that Google Voice (NOT my trunk, just a toy to learn with) dials 000@my.ip.address (they can’t use domain names yet) my server gives an “extension not found” error…

Any ideas? Thanks.

Ok, nevermind. To get outbound calls by simply dialing out, you just use:

exten => _NXXNXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/out-residential/1${EXTEN})
exten => _NXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/out-residential/1513${EXTEN})

or to differentiate outbound routes (in case you have 2 numbers):

exten => _9NXXNXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/out-business/1${EXTEN:1})
exten => _9NXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/out-business/1513${EXTEN:1})

and the reason why inbound calls to 000 was not working is because i did not have my TRUNK’s sip user configured to use the same context as the user 000.