Using SIP phone as home phone

I’ve got a private Asterisk PBX network working, with all internal extensions, however I’d like to migrate my setup to include the current landline.

What I’d essentially like is, when anyone calls my landline number (555-555-5555), the landline phones on POTS will ring, including the SIP phone (extension: 1100). Also, when the SIP phone with extension 1100 dials out, I’d like it to automatically dial using the landline.

Is this possible at all?

Thanks in advance.

Sure just set the context in zapata.conf to ring the soft phone. You can set for the phone that it should use the zap channel. If some one else is on the POTS phone when you try to make a call the call will not go out being that some one is on the line and Asterisk will dial the call. Asterisk at the moment does not have a way to hop on a POTS line and see if anyone else is using it.