Using Asterisk with an FTTH Triple Play Connection

HI there,

I am new to telephony and my question could sound very stupid to you some of you. I apologize in advance if this is not something I should be asking. Now that’s out in the public, let me explain my scenario and what kind of help am I looking for.

I am planning to install an Asterisk as a home PBX and planning to use IP phones in my home. Currently my phone services is offered via an FTTH triple play service from my ISP where I get internet, tv, and telephony in a one fiber optic that comes to the ISP provided ONU and then segregates services in that. The ONU has a POTS port which the regular telephone currently connects and one ethernet port provides the connection to the STB and the remaining ethernet ports are available for internet. I have another 4G LTE internet connection in my home and at the moment internet service from both these connections connecting to a load balanced router before being sent to a switch for wired devices and access points for wireless devices.

As the ISP provided ONU in the triple play connection is a good for nothing cheap device, I cannot utilize many of the features I need in terms of network services with that like port forwarding, vpn, etc. So I was planning to get a media converter and connect the fiber optic directly in to that and then have the load balanced router split services as needed. I can see all the vlan configuration in the ISP’s ONU and I hope I can replicate those configurations in to the load balanced router. But then my question is, as the voice vlan in the ISP’s ONU is currently sent to a POTS port in the ONU, is there any possibility to have to voice vlan connect to the Asterisk box via ethernet if I manage to replicate and then use IP phones to connect to Asterisk and use for voice?

You need an FXO device, if you want to use a POTS line with asterisk to convert the analog signaling and voice circuit to digital. The cheapest such device is the Obi110, if still available, as it is discontinued.

Have you spoken to your ISP to verify they will let you do this?

I’ve never found the bundled services to be economic for me. I rent a DID from Vitelity/Voyant for USD$1.50 per month plus USD$0.011 per minute. I throw a sawbuck their way a couple of times a year and I’m good to go.

I would suggest pricing out a similar service based on your usage (and destinations) to see how it stacks up.

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