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Hi, I need some advice on a scenario.

I’m a little new to this, but have been reading the forums as much as I can but can’t really find an explanation.

I have two sites A and B connected by wifi link. Site A has a POTS line with ADSL to which I intend to add Asterisk and various IP phones. Site B has a digibox(TV) with a V.90 modem which I’d like to connect. (The link is 2km and no POTS line is available… so rules out just adding a line or cable)

Essentially I need to bridge the modem over the wifi link then route the modem call over the POTS line at site A. I understand ITU V.150.1 makes this possible but have no idea if asterisk supports it (it does look as though some work has been done on it based on Frame.h code comments.)

I’m not looking to route the modem data over a voip provider ( I don’t think one exists that support v.150.1) just bridge my wifi link, but if anyone knows of a provider that does support it then it may offer some flexibility.

Any recommendations… including telling me it’s just not possible, are appreciated.


If V.150.1 is a no go with asterisk right now, you might be able to get away with an FXS on one end and an FXO on the other end with ulaw/alaw codec as that is the same codec as POTS, V.150.1 might be more stable though.