Using Asterisk as gateway between public ISDN and ISDN PBX

Hi there,
I would like to setup an Asterisk machine capable of acting as either a SIP<->ISDN gateway and a public ISDN<->private ISDN PBX switch at the same time, and therefore i’ve acquired a couple of Billion’s HFC-S chip based PCI cards which i was intending to connect in the following manner:

|-PUBLIC-| <NT-------------TE> |--ASTERISK--| <NT------------TE> |--ISDN--|
|////////////|~~~~~~~~~|~~~~~~~~~~~ |~~~~~~~~~|///////////|

As depicted I’m planning to setup Card 1 in TE mode and Card 2 in NT mode, however, given all the things I read (and since i don’t currently have the ISDN PBX available for testing), i’m supposing that the Card 2 will not be a good solution due to it not being able to supply power.

I just wanted to know if any of you as tried this configuration, and, if not, what other solutions do you think could be proposed (including other hardware).

Thank you,

Usually ISDN power is an issue only with ISDN phones, most ISDN PBXen have their own power supply (as do some phones) – most ISDN NTs don’t supply enough amps to power a PBX.

Then I suppose the extra power source will not be needed to connect the Asterisk machine with the PBX :smile: