Using Asterisk as a Digital VOIP gateway for my PBX

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance on this issue. I am curious about the possibility of using Asterisk as a Digital VOIP gateway to my ESI PBX. My PBX currently has a T1 interface and I need to build a VOIP gateway for SIP Trunking, I realize that I can purchase a hardware device to do this but thought I could utilize Asterisk and then slow move away from current PBX. Once again thanks for the assistance.

That is pretty straight forward application of asterisk. Once you start using asterisk, you will probably want to just migrate the whole thing anyway.

what additional hardware do I need to interconnect between my ESI PBX and the Asterisk VOIP gateway? Is there any PCI hardware to accomplish this?

Sure there is hardware, for example check the TE cards from Digium: .


Marco Bruni