Asterisk as a PRI-SIP Gateway

Guys, I want to know if it is possible to used Asterisk as a SIP gateway for a legacy PBX. What I am thinking is to use Asterisk with a PRI card and connect to the PRI interface on the PBX to provide SIP service. Is this physical connection possible? I am not very familiar with the PRI hardware and how it can interconnect so I am not even sure if what I am thinking is possible for a physical standpoint without getting into the programming issues.

Any advice appreciated.

Ok, I have discovered the answer to question number one, there is a cable configuration that will allow the PRI interfaces to be directly connected and one of the devices needs to be configured as the Central Office and the other as a Client and things will work. What I need to know now is how best to configure Asterisk to allow any calls from the legacy PBX via the PRI interface to be redirected to the number dialed by Asterisk.


What you want to do is very simple and been done many times. The problem is it would take a while to explain it and Im guessing you will next ask for examples etc etc.

TBH if you are not sure of what to do it may be worth while getting it done for you. as If you are doing it on company time it will be costing your employer money. and may be cheaper to get it done or buy a gateway ready built.


its an old thread however I would recommend the adtran 924 series as a viable PRI-SIP gateway… ver ycost effective and reliable… it also gives you the capability of analog trunks too if you need those for POTS lines etc and supports T.38 so you could even run your fax lines through it…