Using AAH/Trixbox with analog phones

Hello all,

I just recently purchased a Digium Wildcard X100p FXO card and plan on downloading and using the Asterisk@Home / Trixbox software to create my own PBX system here at my home office. However currently I do NOT have SIP based phones, all I have are ATT 9xx series phones and Aastra analog phones. The phones are confirmed to be working perfectly.

Last night I installed AAH/Trixbox and proceeded to setup X-Lite on one PC and connect my ATT 9xx phone to the ‘Phone’ port on the back of the X100P. I setup extensions, configured a trunk line, and took care of the basic configurations. However when I picked up the handset to my ATT phone (ext 202) I was not able to get a dialtone. Yet when I connected X-Lite (ext 201), it got a dialtone and worked. But when i went to dial ext 202, the reports area of FreePBX showed no one answering. However the phone didn’t ring.

What do I need to do in order to get the analog phones (plugged into the phone port of the X100P card) to get an internal dialtone and ring when someone dials the extension? I would like for it to ring X-lite when I dial extension 201.

Before anyone says anything, this is a test setup and won’t go into immediate production. I do want this test to be the basis for the final asterisk system I build which will be used in my home office. Here are a list of things that I need to follow when doing this:

1.) VoIP service (vonage, etc) can NOT be used. Our 1mb/256k DSL is too unstable and there is no other broadband provider.

2.) 2-4 POTS lines will eventually be used w/a hunt group setup at the Teleco.

3.) Analog phones only. Until the cost of SIP phones/adapters drop, using Aastra/ATT analog phones going into an FXS port or the ‘phone port’ of the X100P will be required.

4.) Receive full dialtone on the analog phones.

5.) Have full dialtone, functions, features with all phones on internal PBX even if another phone is using an outside CO/trunk line.

If anyone knows how best to approach this, please let me know.


No the phones need POWER the asterisk server does not POWER the phones, the port is PASSTHRU like any voice modem…

You must use IP phones, oftphones or ATA

Are there any type of FXS to Ethernet adapters that will work for these analog phones? I really don’t want to go through and replace phones with SIP business grade phones that on ebay cost around $180+. If there are adapters, then it needs to be something small, maybe 2"x2" that can be hidden behind a desk and quietly connect the phone to the network. Preferrably nothing that would connect to the PC via USB or something like that.

Does something like that exsist? If so, who makes it, model number, and average price?


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