How to connect analog hardphone with Asterisk PBX?

Im new to Asterisk.
I have setup Asterisk PBX with 4 extensions on winXP in the office environment.
Its working fine with the basic call control functions.

In the same way i like to connect my analog harphone(not a SIP phone) with Asterisk PBX.

How to do it?
Please help me…

You’ll need a PCI card with an FXO port on it, you can plug the phone in here. Then you need to configure zaptel.conf to set up a channel that the phone can use, and which context it comes into in extensions.conf.

Thanks for your quick response but i like to know in detail about

  1. what are all the PCI cards available with FXO port in it?
  2. how to configure zaptel.conf to set up a channel that the Analog phone can use?
  3. what does this means “which context it comes into in extensions.conf.”??

in our office we are using the normal Analog phone is it possible to connect that phone with Asterisk PBX ???

You actually need a PCI card with FXS ports, not FXO ports to connect analog phones. However I assume you would want to connect POTS lines so those phones can make outbound calls and receive inbound calls, for this you need FXO ports. Depending on how many phones you want to attach you can look into these cards:

  1. Try searching on ebay for ‘PCI card FXS’, this will give you plenty. I’m not sure how critical your phone situation is, but on ebay there are plenty of cheap clones of the expensive digium PCI cards.
  2. I’m not entirely sure how to do this, sorry, I’ve only done zapata.conf for connecting Asterisk up to ISDN lines.
  3. In extensions.conf, you create contexts right? And you want your analogue phone to be able to dial certain extensions within one context, right? So you need to set in zapata.conf context=something, so that when you pick up the analogue phone, you can dial the extensions in that context.

Yes, your nomal analogue phone will plug in perfectly into an FXS port.

another option would be to look at an ATA - … e+Adapters

this would not require a PCI based card and tend to be much cheaper and occassionally have more features.

a 2 line sipura can be had for about $50, and you’d need two to set up your office with four lines. a comparable digium or sangoma card would be a few hundred dollars at least.