Using a T1 for outgoing calls only: fxoks or fxsks?

I have a partial T1 with 9 channels that will be used for outgoing calls only. In /etc/zaptel.conf do I want “fxoks=1-9” or “fxsks=1-9”? Thanks!

Neither T1’s are digital so you need to specify the B and D channels



span=,,<line build out (LBO)>,,[,yellow]

bchan = voice channel numbers
dchan = “data channel” only used for PRI for call control and data (DID, callerid etc)

If not getting a PRI the dchan wont exist so leave that out. Also make sure your provider is using channels (or trunks) 1 through 9 some will use the top numbers (starting with 24 and decreasing).