Using a modem pool

Does anybody know if it is possible to setup a modem pool in Asterisk?

In our office we use standard modems to dial into some of our clients. However we are switching to ISDN30e with Asterisk, and i was wondering if we can use the ISDN channels via asterisk to connect to modems…

Any help please…


Hi Phil,

We’re trying to do a similar thing. I have tried using 2 PAP-2’s to talk to each other locally as a test. It worked, but can’t get above 9600 reliably.

I’m still looking into solutions and will post another reply if I find any relevent info.


Over the weekend I had the idea of using a TDM400P with 4x FXS ports… Plug the modems into it and that should give modem access out via Asterisk… Yes?

I don’t know anything about this stuff, however i’d suggest you read about using fax machines with Asterisk - as the principles are the same. I suspect the speed you can achieve will be more limited than over an analogue system though.