Users.conf vi sip.conf

I’m using asterisknow and it puts the users in users.conf instead of sip.conf. All of my phones register fine using users.conf except my cisco 7940. It can only make calls as guest unless i copy the account info over to sip.conf. With all users in users.conf but the 7940 in sip.conf the blf lights on my other phones don’t show when the 7940 is up? any ideas?

I guess my question is does anyone know why the 7940 would not be authenticating? I have the type=friend and secret=1234. on the phone with 8.6 sip image I have the name authname and display name all set to 103 and the authentication password set to 1234 but the phone is still showing as a guest user? I really wouldn’t care but the presence doesn’t work unless the phone is registered.