Cisco 7940 Failed to authenticate user

Hello everyone! I have configured *NOW successifuly. I can connect my Snom and Sipura phones to * and to call out over my Voip provider.
I have 20 Cisco 7940 phones. I have installed SIP 8.2 firmware on them. When I try to make calls I get “Failed to authenticate user” message in * log. It is strange since my username, password and all settings are same as in Sipura phone.
Can anyone help? If anyone have examples of config files for 7940 please send me on PM.

My colleagues have configured two sites with 7940 phones. I’ve not done it personally, but it is on my hit list to do. We’ve got some notes on our wiki. Private message me if you want and maybe we can get it going through the week.

I’ve got the same thing happening to the test phone on my desk and would like to get it working (because I write decent docs and won’t have to look at it again for a while).