Urgen---- Pc2phone--------Urgent

I am looking for Branded softphone Please see the requriement thank you

1.Hardcode my server info such as Ip and sip username password
2.Codec G729 G723 Ulaw Gsm
3.Disabel Regestering with my server make call without registering
4.Have Caller Id Option where Pepole can put there Caller Id info… I will be authencitaed with caller id
5.display talk time please let me know thank you

FYI: I am not looking for free I will pay for it

xten.com/ makes eyeBeam, a full feature SIP client that supports SIMPLE as i recall as well as SIP video. I am 99% sure they have a white label program where you can brand it to suit your company.

sjlabs.com/products.html same thing, slightly smaller footprint, no video support


I think openwengo is the best solution for you. I sent more details on PM.