Free SIP video softphone & SIP VOIP SDK for Asterisk

Free SIP video softphone & SIP VOIP SDK.
PortSIP Let provide the webphone also.

The PortSIP free SIP softphone was supported H263 and H264 video codec, and support Asterisk.

Support G711A/U, G723.1, G729, iLBC, GSM audio codecs.

Provide 5 lines.
Support 3rd party conference.

I will be quite honest with you, no anger here. I post this in the hope that you can learn from it. I am sorry for the length but I hope you read it and learn from it.

I tried your softphone and its not bad. I’ve certainly seen worse. I can’t get the transfer button to light up, is that a free version issue like X-Lite? If so then it doesn’t offer much more than X-lite does as Xlite now has video. However I think you have a decent product and I’m sure you could do well with custom branding/SDKs or other such projects.

That said- I will not be using your product, and I will recommend for others to also not do business with you. This is NOT because you have a bad quality product. The reason for this is simple- the way your company behaves on the Wiki site
Voip-info is a community of Asterisk guys, and as such there are Rules that must be followed when promoting your products there. That’s not to say that you are unwanted on, or that we don’t like your products.
It is saying that when you violate the site’s rules, and treat the Wiki as your own advertisement area, it shows you do not respect the Wiki and the people who run it. And guess what- WE, your potential customers, are the people who run it.

You have often posted ‘news’ announcements on the front page that only announce your existance, redirected other people’s links to your site, and generally ignored the rules of the site. That is not the type of company I want to do business with.

You ARE allowed to post information on the Wiki, if you follow the Rules. That means create ONE page for your company, and you can there post information about your products and services. This page is YOURS and you can post whatever you want on it. You may also add links to your page to relevant sections, for example if you made a page to yourself you could add a link to the Softphones page. There are rules there too, for example you must add yourself in alphabetical order. However given your past behavior, you have lost this privelage for a time.

However your company has constantly disrespected these rules. You have changed other links to point to your website, you have repeatedly posted yourself as ‘news’ on the front page (the fact that you exist is NOT news). If you are unsure of what you have done wrong, please check Here, this is your entry on the Removed Advertising page. Every entry in that list was placed there because you added it in violation of the Wiki rules. You have created multiple accounts to evade bans and generally shown that you have no respect for the Wiki at all.

If you want anybody from the Asterisk community to take you seriously or do business with you, providing a product is not enough. You must prove you are a responsible member of the community, and that means following the rules.

If you decide you want to redeem yourself, you should post an apology probably here (i will copy it to the relevant place on voip-info) or email it to the voip-info administrator, and then ignore for at least 30 days. This is the mandatory ‘quiet period’ for a company who has spammed in the past. Afterwards you should email the admin and ask for permission to post a single page for your company and promise to follow the rules.

They may refuse, and that’s up to them. But it will be your own damn fault. If you (as a company) makes an ass of itself, then people may not want to hire you, and that’s the reality of business.

So to sum up:

  • When you abuse the site you piss off a lot of Asterisk guys
  • Those same Asterisk guys are the ones who would possibly buy your softphones
  • when we are pissed off we don’t buy softphones from companies like PortSIP that piss us off
  • you need to stop spamming the Wiki if you want anybody to take you seriously

I hope you found this useful. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a forum PM and I will happily answer them.

portsip2, I realy hope that you read what IronHelix wrote. I hope that you learn and also appologize to the community that has been cleaning up after you!

IronHelix, I totaly agree with you and I have also had cases where I could have promoted portsip2’s product but didn’t due to that I have been cleaning up after that company’s abusive behaviour on voip-info’s wiki.


and yet … they are still spamming the wiki. this morning brings a very familiar looking entry to the news section that doesn’t say “PortSIP” but links there.

i think some people/companies may not be able to ‘get it’. they see * guys like F/OSS software, so from their POV they do everything right, they open source code, they tell people about it on the place where everybody talks about voip, etc. It never occurs to them that being a good company is equally, if not more important than having a good product. they are thinking commercially and see voip-info as free advertising, not realizing that the site is like a town well- poison it and a lot of people will hate you.

maybe one day they’ll get it.

If you check thier website you will notice the absence of any address, phone numeber, company info… all the coreect ingredients of a shady business.
good luck to the few people that are thier customers…

i dont even think they exist as a company, just as website…

my 0.02c