HELP~ Softphone selection/suggestions/experiences

Hi all,

So, I just had this dumped in my lap. I need to find an open source, g729 supporting, sip softphone for windows on the cheap or free. I’ve looked in the wiki at the tons availiable and through google, but I am just not finding anything that fits the bill. Perhaps I’m just going blind from rapidly scanning web pages. I’ve personally used X-lite and a few others of similar ilk, but I was hoping the many fine folk of the forum could help me out.

What I need again:
Softphone, Sip, Open Source, Supports g729, preferrably free, or cheap, runs on Windows, and is mature enough to be used in a call center.

Any thoughts or opinions?

Many thanks!

G729 = not free

XLite for windows so far appears to be the best “freebie” out there… unfortinately… not everything is free…and when your dealing with free… you run into limitations.