Unexpected reconfigure for DPMA provisioned phones

After adding a new line assignment for a user’s D70 in a reg_digium_phone.conf file we performed a reload at the CLI on our Asterisk server and all of the Digium phones that are provisioned by DPMA from that server promptly went through a reconfiguration as if we had entered a “digium_phones reconfigure all” command at the CLI. This was the first time we had added a second line assignment for a phone in the res_digium_phone.conf file so we wouldn’t have been shocked to see that particular phone go through a reconfig but we certainly didn’t expect all 70 of the other phones to reconfig at the same time.

Is there any way to know in advance what changes to res_digium_phones.conf could cause this behavior so we can schedule such changes for after-hours?


Adding or removing a line, and updating a phone’s PIN are the things I can think of that would trigger an automatic reconfigure.


Changing a line for one phone shouldn’t cause other phones to reconfigure.

That’s what we thought too until all of our phones did a simultaneous reconfiguration after modifying the line assignments for one phone. We’ll post an update on this thread if we find out what caused that to happen…