Digium phones cannot be reconfigured remotely

Trying to get a phone to reconfigure, and Asterisk is sending the SIP MESSAGE to the wrong port.

The phone is registered from port 58613. This is confirmed by sip show peer and sip set debug on shows Asterisk communicating with the phone on that port for REGISTER, NOTIFY, and OPTIONS packets. UDP keepalive packets are also coming from this port.

When I issue a digium_phones reconfigure command on the console though, the MESSAGE packet is sent to port 63687. This of course, does not make it through to the phone and the reconfiguration fails.

Is there any explanation for this behaviour? Any workarounds? Console output is at https://pastebin.com/eV3VtaGV

At some point, the phone presumably had registered using port 63687. DPMA should be keeping track of URI changes, but something has gone awry.

Unless you’ve disabled it, you can send a SIP NOTIFY to the phone and it’ll restart.

pjsip send notify digium-check-cfg endpoint (your endpoint here)

Ok thanks, it does seem to be working after a phone reboot.