Reload Digium Phone DPMA (restart)


I am configuring a digium phone by DPMA

but when you run the reload, not restart my phone, so not configured with the parameters set.

the configuration file is as follows res_digium_phone.conf. detailed below

service_name=Go 4 Phones

full_name = prueba

line_label= Prueba 1001
exten = 1001

help me, I think is missing some parameter for the phone restarts and configure the settings file. thanks

From the wiki ( … ium+Phones), specifically: … terisk+CLI

To reload the DPMA, perform:

module reload

To tell all phones to reload their configuration, perform:

digium_phones reconfigure all

To tell an individual phone to reload its configuration, perform:

digium_phones reconfigure phone

to run
reconfigure digium_phones phone

I get the following error

Phone has not Contacted the server. The server is unaware of the location of This device and can not reconfigure it at this time.

help me!


For you and for others reading this thread. The first and best place to go for support on Digium’s products, including phone products, is right to Digium’s Support department. They can be contacted via telephone:
+1 256 428 6000
or via the web:

You should really, really, really contact them. Working with Support is more efficient than working via a web forum. Also, I’m not actually in the Support department, Digium only does Support via its Support department. So with anything I post, your mileage may vary.

When I say “” you understand that I’m talking about what you’ve defined in the square brackets for the type=phone definition, right?

Where I’ve got a phone defined like:


I’d send:
digium_phones reconfigure phone malcolm

If you hit the tab key after typing:
digium_phones reconfigure phone
you’ll see a list of the available phone profiles. That includes both phones that do have active sessions and can be contacted as well as phones that do not have active sessions and cannot be contacted.

What you see is the message you get when a particular phone is not in communication with the DPMA. It means there’s no active session for the phone. Thus, we can’t tell that phone anything. Does the DPMA think you have an active session for your phone?

To check, do:

digium_phones show sessions.

Does it return a session for the phone with the MAC matching the one you’re trying to reconfigure?

For example…

I get:
malcolm*CLI> digium_phones show sessions
---- Digium Phone Module Active Sessions ----
SessionID:883127953670948560 SecondsAlive:61002 SecondsLastActivity:60986 Contact:sip:;ob Auth:Yes Inactive:No MAC:00MYSECRETMAC
— Total active sessions:1 —

And the MAC address of the phone that’s claimed the “malcolm” phone profile matches the MAC reported by digium_phones show sessions. So, I know I’ve got a session to that phone. So, I know I can tell it to reconfigure from the DPMA.

If there’s no session for the phone I’m trying to reconfigure, then I won’t be able to reconfigure it.


if I understand the “” my phone is called sbroncano.

the problem is that I have no session to run

digium_phones show sessions

I get the following:

Digium ---- Active Sessions ---- Phone Module
— Total active sessions: 0 —

I can not therefore set by DPMA, wanted to know if I need to set some parameters on digium_phone.conf, so described my file, because it is connecting to the server DPMA

Please contact our Support department directly so that they can work with you to figure out why your phones aren’t contacting the DPMA for provisioning.