[SOLVED] DPMA - Release Line from a Digium Phone

How does one release a line from a Digium phone in DPMA?

If I’m changing physical phones, the ext I need is not available b/c that line is associated to the previous phone. CLI only lets me reconfigure which only changes settings for it. Everything else in CLI is “show”. I’m not even sure of the term that Asterisk uses for this. Mapped looks like it show relationship between defined extensions and phones mapped to an extension. So, my phone is mapped and I want it that way.

I need asterisk to release the association from the previous Digium phone that had selected an extensions so that the extension can be selected by another Digium phone if the previous Digium phone is no longer functional.

Take the line out of the phone’s config in type=phone and issue a reload of res_digium_phone.so. DPMA will send a message to the phone and the phone will no longer register that line.

That won’t return it to the list of unassigned extensions though - there’s no convenient way to do that. On the other phone, change the filter from unassigned extensions to assigned or all extensions.

Was focused on the Asterisk side and didn’t notice the option to Filter potential extensions to be configured on the phone. Perfect!

Thanks for the quick solution!