hi to all_if i may ask-how to setup Inbound calls with asterisk…can u give me some link tutorial or how to or even wiki_ with its configuration setup…

Can you be more specific. Which version of Asterisk are you using? It is AsteriskNOW or are you hand crafting your dial plan in extensions.conf? Where are the calls coming from (IP, ISDN, analogue, etc)? How do you want to handle the calls (ring an extension, ring a group, voicemail, ACD, etc)?

Ok sorry about that_ ill be handling INBOUND with E1 connection_SIP_Asterisk 1.4.22… :smiley:

If you have never used Asterisk before it might be worth starting with a distribution that includes a GUI like AsteriskNOW or Trixbox.

hi i already used asterisk server with outbound calls…my problem now is to re-configure it for inbound calls…how am i going to start the conf. Im using SIP and sof phone…any help…please :frowning: