Unable to kick chan_local participant from conference


When my conference is ending im adding chan_local participant (providing announcement that this conference will end soon),

My problem is that im unable to remove this participant from conference. Kick does not work in such case:

root@asterisk8:/# /usr/sbin/asterisk -rx 'confbridge list 101’
Channel User Profile Bridge Profile Menu CallerID Muted
============================== ================ ================ ================ ================ =====
Local/notify_end@mcs-dialer-00005606;1 default_user default_bridge No

But when im trying to kick this user:

root@asterisk8:/# /usr/sbin/asterisk -rx 'confbridge kick 101 Local/notify_end@mcs-dialer-00005606;1’
No participant named ‘Local/notify_end@mcs-dialer-00005606;1’ found!

I tried nearly all name variations. Without “local/” prefix etc. Is there any way to remove such participant?
Im using asterisk 11,

Best regards, KB