Confbridge solution, How to find & remove a specific naughty participant

Hello, Happy New Year to all
We using asterisk 18.4
Pls help me to resolve issue related to confbridge. How to find & remove a specific naughty participant during conference. We are using setup for student education (usually 10-12 random participants).
I am for asking live realtime solution during conference going on.
We are using cli commands like mute, unmute, or kick a user (asterisk -x “kick conference channel”),

Is there available any web based or dialplan code to listen live individual/mange/rectify participants for this issue.
Any solution/suggestions.

hi I sugest that you create a web service that will connect to asteirsk via AMI
where it use diffrent AMI event to create a list of participants and indicate Mute/Unmute & taking

AMI via a web page or an AGI is the way to go. A web page is way more user friendly.

Way back in the ‘free chat’ arbitrage days, we saved the ‘mute’ state in a database so the caller couldn’t just hang up and call back in.

Thanks for your reply and suggestions.
Can you guide or share example to creating AMI webpage for confbridge , As I am new with it.

thanks in advance.

Hi @sedwards @TheMark

I have just reviewed and tried basic AMI.

In my scenario, Need to listen all conference participants one by one and would like to block/mute noisy one.
I Hope you understand my requirement.

Hi yes that sound right, unfortunately guiding on how-to write an backend for that is something you need to talk with a web developer about

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