Confbridge issue, How to remove a specific participant

Hello team.
We using asterisk 18.4
Can you help me to resolve issue related to confbridge. How to remove a specific participant during conference by admin/leader user.
I am not asking for cli commands, that we are using , I am asking live during conference going on.
In our setup we getting some issue with conference participants , few naughty participants making noise during conference.
Is there available any dialplan code to mange this issue.

Also playback file in confbridge must be able to hearable to all participants. any suggestions.

Given a group of participants, how will you identify the offender?

Way back in 2009 (meetme() days), I wrote an AGI that called AMI to get a list of participants, extract the participant index number, and then mute, unmute, or kick a user. The dialplan detected ‘*x’ where x was 4 (mute), 5 (un-mute), or 6 (kick) and then prompt for the index number.

It looks like ConfBridge has similar functionality.

Unfortunately, it is a bit of a ‘whack-a-mole’ endeavor.

Use a combination of confbridge feature dialplan_exec(context,exten,priority) and
same=>n,system(asterisk -x “kick conference channel”)

Thank you for reply with suggestion.
Actually problem is , In our case few students as participant enter in conference and one two are try to make some kind of disturbance.
We are a Non profit and working for disability education.

admin need to know/see list of participants and admin must able to remove the offender.

I hope you understand my requirement. we are looking for some relevant dialplan/solution for our problem.

I did a web based conference manager as well. The web page showed the admins the participants with participant buttons to mute, hangup, kick, un-mute, and block a bad participant for 1, 30, or 90 days. There were also global buttons to lock, unlock, mute all, and un-mute all.

This was all driven from a database since multiple servers were in use. Each server ran a daemon that collected the participants for all the conferences on that server into the database.

How to check the working of web based confbridge,
If you help for few main lines related to dialplan_exec, would be sufficient to survive.

The web page set or cleared a channel variable (named ‘MUTED’, using AMI) so the participant could not ‘clear’ the muted state by exiting the conference and re-entering. The value of the channel variable was also written to the database so if the participant hung up the value could be restored when they reconnected.

The dialplan would read the channel variable value from the database (based on CID) when the call was answered and then would set the appropriate options before joining the conference.

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